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Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to use various creative tools, combined with the art of communication, to facilitate group dialogue based in constructive communication & productive collaboration.

It is the vision of Progeny Project to cultivate empowered communities
where we are all equipped to communicate in a safe, honest and effective manner.

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Curating Community, One Conversation at a Time.


Founded in 2016, Progeny Project is a community organization that is committed to using our unique group dialogue model to make the world a more empathetic place.  We utilize tools like theater, games, arts & crafts, music and sports in our work of partnering with  communities, brands and organizations to unpack interpersonal, social, and institutional issues.


At Progeny Project, we believe that open and honest communication is the key that opens the door to healthy community. By engaging in open and honest dialogue, we gain a better understanding of not only one another, but ourselves as well. This understanding creates empathy, which is the foundation of a healthy community.  

Unlike a directive facilitation style, where the focus is centered on providing information, at Progeny Project our exploratory facilitation model allows us to actively engage our audience by keeping the conversation at the heart of the workshop. Our intentionally facilitated dialogue focuses on the journey to accountability.  We assert that collectively, OUR PARTICIPANTS are the experts. Our workshops empower our community partners to seek within themselves, and one another, the answers. A typical workshop entails a combination of:

subject-focused performance

engaging group activities

interactive exercises

arts & crafts




By using tools like The World Cafe model and interactive drama as a lens, Progeny Project facilitators are able to guide participants through an engaging and productive dialogue in which we collectively shine light on a broad array of social, cultural issues, related to the chosen topic!

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Progeny [proj uh nee] noun. "Descendants, Offspring, Heir"
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