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Our Services

In addition to Nhappi Hour, Play Date and other projects we've created to spark community conversations, our team is able to work with you to design the perfect unique workshop experience for your group, school, festival, conference, professional development workshop or DEI training.

With your scheduling needs in mind, our sessions can be as brief as a 2-3 hour workshop, 1-full day, as long as 12 weeks, or up to a full school year!  Longer commitments of several weeks are designed to produce more targeted and sustainable impact within the culture of a partnering organization, while 1-2 day commitments provide an effective introduction into our model!

Our Menu:

*love & relationships
*conflict resolution/ interactive mediation
*diversity and inclusion training
*personal development

*health & wellness
*Title IX
*financial literacy
*academic success
*social & actual networking
*parenting in the 21st century
*sex ed. for senior citizens

*professional development


Populations include:

*primary schools
*high schools
*after-school programs
*colleges & universities
*fraternities / sororities
*community organizations
*corporate trainings
*group homes
*senior citizen centers
*sports teams
*churches/relig. organizations
*individuals & couples
*bar, lounge & nightlife events

Our Services: Service
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Our Services: Service


There are more than 6 Progeny Projects currently at various stages of development.
Every Progeny Project is born of an idea, a need, and a desire for a more positive impact on our world.
Each project varies in theme, strategy, audience, commitment/duration, resources and creative expression.
Read below to learn more about  what we are working on every day to promote change in our communities!


Making love FUN again!

"How can we love each other if we don't even like each other?" This was the question that inspired the creation of Progeny Project's PlayDate!
With our mission always in mind, we work tirelessly to improve the way people connect and relate. PlayDate is our effort to add the FUN and FITNESS back into our intimate courtships and partnerships. From Flag Football, Tug-of-War, Battle of the Sexes, and more; we bring grownups together for an afternoon of endless fun and engagement!


Preparing Our Progeny- Fueling the Innovators of Tomorrow

POP-FIT! was created to empower the well-being of our progeny- the youth! The children of today will become the leaders of tomorrow, and we are 1000% committed to making sure they are equipped for the task. We have a full curriculum of engaging, relevant, fun and effective workshops in our youth outreach program, and are always developing are refining our approaches!

Nhappi Hour

where Black Love Matters

Created in August 2016, Nhappi Hour, was the fist ever Progeny Project. This project was designed with the goal of bridging the gaps in Black Love, while simultaneously creating an alternative to the typical night out. The project format is a "curated conversation"- an interactive group discussion between men and women, facilitated by our team, and hosted at a bar/lounge, featuring a compelling topic for each discussion. 

For more information about Nhappi Hour, click here

Black Woman Rising

Sisterhood space for women

Man Cave

Safe Space for men to build better brotherhood.

....coming soon.....

Senior PROMise

Our elders are the gateway between the past and the future. Addressing their concerns, and acknowledging their experience, should be a priority in our communities!

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