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Progeny Project was fueled by an immense appreciation for the ancestors' contributions to our world, as well as a deep sense of responsibility to the generations that are yet to come.

As co-creators, Eboni and Temesgen have over 20 years of local and international facilitation experience. Our team members have worked with organizations and agencies like Fortune Society, AllStars Project, LeAp, Battery Park Montessori School, The Academy Theater for Youth, Carl E. Sanders Buckhead YMCA, and CUNY Creative Arts Team.

Our expertise in the field, combined with a unique facilitation style and unconventional tools like drama, music, arts & crafts, and games, create exciting and effective group dialogue in workshops & events!

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 Eboni Flowers, co-founder   Progeny Project

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 Temesgen Tocruray, co-founder   Progeny Project

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